— John Lehr

President and Chief Executive Officer, Parkinson’s Foundation

 “We are confident that Parkinson’s Across America will raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease and the mission of the Parkinson’s Foundation to make life better for people whose lives have been touched by Parkinson’s disease. We wish you luck, Scott and Jim.”  

— Barry Blaustein

Screenplay and Comedy Writer and Producer 

“I am proud to lend my experience to Parkinson’s Across America.  As one who communicates for a living, I applaud Scott and Jim’s efforts to ‘begin the conversation’ about Parkinson’s disease so that life changing assistance may be made available through the Parkinson’s Foundation to all who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.” 

— Monte Deere

Chairman and CEO, KIZIK Shoes

“Kizik is proud to sponsor Parkinson’s Across America. Consistent with the mission of the Parkinson’s Foundation, Kizik is working every day to design shoes that are easier to put on, more comfortable, and more attractive – for everyone. As you make your way across our beautiful America, don’t let your shoes slow you down!”

— Nicole Osborn

Founder and CEO, Meridian Clinical Research

“Without clinical trials, it wouldn’t be possible to develop new therapies for those affected by Parkinson’s disease. We support Parkinson’s Across America in their mission to engage a broader community that can participate in clinical research and help make new therapies a reality.”

— Bill Bucklew

Young onset Parkinson’s patient, walked 2,503 miles across the United States for Parkinson’s in 2018.

“With my walk across America, I set out to inspire others, but amazingly, the people affected by Parkinson’s disease that I met along the way became my inspiration and kept me going, even to this day. These individuals and the 10’s of thousands more living with PD across America, are stories that need to be told. Jim & Scott’s project, which will bring these incredible stories to life, not only will inspire the Parkinson’s community, but also bring Americans together, instilling hope for our collective future, for their diversity, resiliency, positive determination and benevolent humanity are quintessentially American. Please support the Parkinson’s Across America project, sometimes inspiration is all around us, we just need people like Jim and Scott to shine a light on it.”