So many people have been asking “what’s going on with Parkinson’s Across America?” A reasonable question. It seems like one day we were in a different place every day somewhere across the USA and suddenly we were gone ! Rest assured we are not gone. I will share with you that the entire crew did need a few weeks after our last segment to recuperate. With that said the work has never really stopped. Believe it or not we have more filming to do. Chief Videographer, Taylor Horton has spent countless hours organizing the hours of video and still photos the crew captured on our trip across America. Being a layperson in relation to creating a documentary I can tell you with certainty that I did not know how much detail is involved in the process. However both Jim Morgan and I have known from the very beginning of this journey what we wanted the final product to do ! INCREASE AWARENESS ABOUT PARKINSON’S DISEASE AND SPREAD THE GREAT NEWS OF HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT. With more than 400 interviews captured to date and countless stories from the road the documentary is going to be amazing ! We truly believe that this documentary is going to create a impact regarding Parkinson’s like never seen in the history of the disease which dates back to the early 1800’s and most certainly existed before. So……….rest assured the PAA production and editing team is hard at work. If all goes as planned we will have something ready to go in the fall of 2023. Thanks for your support, participation and patience. IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT !