Pictured above Jim ,Orlando and. Scott

We have experienced so many amazing experiences while traveling across our great nation. Occurrences that could not be coincidental but simply meant to be. On more than one occasion we have been in the right place at the right time. A. Gentlemen by the name of
Orlando Illustrisimo contacted Parkinson’s Across America nearly one year ago. Orlando Illustrisimo Jr. is a Rock Steady Boxing Affiliate located in Hendersonville, Nevada. Orlando’s message to us was simple and straightforward. He said ” hey Parkinson’s Across America when you are in the western part of the USA come see what we are doing for people with Parkinson’s in my gym located in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.Orlando’s request was compelling, he took the initiative to reach out to us and we said “YES!” Now fast forward to September 2022 and the Parkinson’s Across America team is in Denver Colorado. We just happen to be spending the night in a hotel near the Denver airport. I just happen to send a email to Ryan Cotton who is the Chief ScientificOfficer at Rock Steady Boxing, Inc about a unrelated subject.In my email I mentioned that the Parkinson’s Across America team was in Denver. Long story short Rock Steady Boxing was hosting their annual affiliate meeting 1.4 miles from our hotel in Denver. Ryan Cotton invited us to stop by and one of the first persons we meet is Orlando Illustrisimo. Next week the PAA film crew will be visiting Orlando at his gym in Hendersonville, Nevada. MEANT TO BE !